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Op-Ed: AJC Gets it Right on Anti-Semitism, At Last

The Forward
By Kenneth L. Marcus
August 23, 2011

"In early August, the American Jewish Committee's executive director, David Harris, finally renounced his organization's highly controversial joint statement on campus anti-Semitism. The initial statement, which AJC anti-Semitism expert Kenneth Stern had published four months before, with Cary Nelson, president of the American Association of University Professors, had generated considerable criticism within the Jewish community. Interestingly, the AJC reversal coincided with disturbing revelations in the University of California, Berkeley campus anti-Semitism case."

Full Article

Op-Ed: U.S. must enforce policy on campus harassment

By Kenneth L. Marcus
December 8, 2010

IJCR's Kenneth L. Marcus warns in an Op-Ed that the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights must do more to enforce its policy to prevent harassment of Jewish students. Its success will depend on three factors: addressing incidents masquerading as anti-Israelism, balancing First Amendment and academic freedom concerns with protection of Jewish students from hate and bias, and formalization of the recent policy guidance so it endures.

Full Article

Op-Ed: Ancient Hatred at a Campus Near You

The Toronto Globe and Mail
By Kenneth L. Marcus
November 8, 2010

IJCR's Kenneth L. Marcus, reporting from the second conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism, bemoans animus against Jews that "emanate from the very institutions usually thought to be bulwarks against irrational prejudice-the major research universities." Marcus points out the connection between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism on campuses and advances three principles for universities: the treatment of anti-Semitism the same as any other bias, insistence on both equal opportunity and freedom of speech, and calling out anti-Semitism by name when it occurs.

Full Article

Charities' Loss of Trust and Stability Is the True Damage of the Madoff Scandal

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
By Gary Tobin
January 15, 2009

Now that nearly a month has passed since news of the Bernard Madoff scam broke, it is time to put the scandal in perspective. Much has been written about the horrific effects on Jewish philanthropy, and how the fraud reaches deep into Jewish nonprofit life.

Full Article

Stop Keeping Out Non-Jews

By Gary Tobin
March 3, 2008

San Francisco (JTA) -- A study by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life shows that Americans are switching religions more than ever. As many as one of every two adults does not practice the religion in which they were born or raised. ...more

Philanthropy Forum: Federations Need to Adapt

By Gary Tobin
November 6, 2007

San Francisco (JTA) — North American federations could and should be doing much better than they are. They matter. They are important. They embody the ideas of community, common cause and the ability to respond to collective concerns. ...more

Save the Chastising of Jews Who Give to Non-Jewish Causes

Gary Tobin
October 22, 2007

Jewish foundations are giving away billions of dollars. A recent study conducted by the Institute for Jewish & Community Research found that 80% of the dollars they gave away ...more

Is There Disdain For Evangelicals In the Classroom? Survey, Bias Allegation Spur Debate

The Washington Post
By Alan Cooperman
May 5, 2007

The Institute's just released study The Religious Beliefs & Behavior of College Faculty is discussed by Alan Cooperman, the staff writer who covers religion for the Washington Post, in the Saturday, May 5th edition. Our research shows 53%of non-Evangelical university faculty hold cool or unfavorable views of Evangelical Christians and one-third of all faculty also hold unfavorable views of Mormons. "This survey shows a disturbing level of prejudice or intolerance among U.S. Faculty towards tens of millions of Evangelical Christians," said Gary Tobin president of IJCR....more

Student Groups Ready for Debate After Anti-Semitism Lecture

By Brandy Trapp
The South End
March 28, 2007

Institute for Jewish & Community Research associate Aryeh Weinberg and staff director of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, Kenneth Marcus, ease tensions at Wayne State University hopefully making way for civil debate among student groups with an historically contentious relationship. “’Clearly the debate is poisoned now,’ Weinberg told the audience. He said what could have been an ‘intelligent’ debate on Middle East conflicts had been reduced to name-calling and personal insults. Weinberg said people lose their voices when healthy debate goes sour.” ...more

Intermarriage Studies May Be Right; Community's Fearful Response Isn't

Gary Tobin
February 15, 2007

We keep producing studies that prove that children of intermarried families are less likely to be Jewish than children from two born Jews.

There's nothing wrong with the research; my studies show the same thing. However, our responses to the findings, which come from fear and suspicion, are troubling. ...more

On Campus, a Culture of Conformity

The Forward
Gary Tobin
November 10, 2006

It is a well-known fact that professors lean to the left. According to a recently released study by the Institute for Jewish & Community Research, professors are more likely to identify as liberals than as conservatives by a ratio of 3-to-1. In the social sciences and humanities the figure is 5-to-1. ...more

Five Ways to Make Your Federation Better

The Jewish Journal
Gary Tobin
November 10, 2006

Federations are one of the great success stories in American philanthropy. They attract thousands of volunteers and contributors, raise hundreds of millions of dollars, manage billions of dollars in a wide array of endowments and philanthropic funds, and mount special campaigns and emergency operations that raise hundreds of millions more. If the federation system vanished tomorrow, it would immediately, out of necessity, be reinvented. ...more

If U.S. Jews Are among Donor Elite, Why Aren't Jewish Causes Getting More?

Gary Tobin
September 19, 2006

Roland Stanton's $100 million gift to Yeshiva University is the largest ever to a U.S. Jewish institution. Yet as Stanton himself said, "There are plenty of people who could do it." ...more

Buffetting Megawealth: A Lesson in Philanthropy

National Review Online
Gary Tobin
July 6, 2006

What philanthropists can learn from Warren Buffett: Being wealthy doesn't necessarily mean you know how to give it away. ...more

A Word of Warning About Giving

MarketWatch from DowJones
By Dr. Gary Tobin
June 16, 2006

As recent college graduates leave their campuses, they can be sure
of one thing: Their former campuses will keep tabs on them, and send them fundraising solicitations. At
first, the expectation for dollars will be small. But as time goes on, the old alma mater will get bolder,
and ask for major gifts. ....more

A Disavowal of Absolutely No Value

Chicago Tribune
Gary Tobin
February 19, 2006

Northwestern University President Henry Bienen has upbraided tenured engineering professor Arthur Butz for his repugnant embrace of Holocaust denial. For that, the academic community and the American public should be grateful. Leadership in America's universities on basic moral issues is sometimes slow and sometimes absent, especially when it comes to calling anti-Semitic speech by its real name. ...more

In order to restore accountability, campuses need oversight

J, the Jewish news weekly of Northern California
Gary Tobin
December 16, 2005

Each spring, well-rehearsed university graduation ceremonies fill the halls of ivy and public venues. The ancient robes, the stirring music, speakers' calls to high-minded purposes feed the public's perception of universities as special institutions deserving of respect, the sacrifices of students and parents, and above all, an ample supply of taxpayer and philanthropic dollars.....more

American Jews Grow in Diversity
Jews of different races find homes in both faith and ethnic communities

Gary Tobin
November 28, 2005

American Jews are often stereotyped as a monolithic people of European origin. Jews are in fact as diverse as any demographic group in America -- and perhaps the most diverse demographic group. ...more

American Jews Embrace Demographic Diversity

Knight Ridder Newspapers
Gary Tobin
September 30, 2005

On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, Jews across America will pause to consider how to improve themselves and their communities in the year to come. No doubt, many will contemplate how the country reacted to the terrible destruction wrought by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. A disproportionate number of the victims were poor and black, rekindling a national dialogue on race and class. Yet Americans poured millions of dollars into the affected areas, moving beyond racial stereotypes and boundaries. ...more

An Exceptional Nation: American Philanthropy is Different Because America Is Different

Philanthropy Roundtable
Alexander C. Karp, Gary A. Tobin, and Aryeh Weinberg
November/December 2004

Is it a coincidence one of the world's freest, most entrepreneurial, and most religious nations is also the world's most philanthropic nation? Americans donate like no other people, whether you look at total donations, per capita giving, size of gifts, or types of giving. And as our wealth increases, so does our generosity...more

Family Philanthropy's Mad Hatter

Foundation News & Commentary
Gary A. Tobin
January/February 2004

Few professional roles are more complicated—and less defined—than the family foundation professional. The explosion in the number of foundations has greatly expanded the profession, but few in the field have formal training...more

Getting Megagifts to the Neediest Causes

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
By Dr. Gary A. Tobin
May 1, 2003

Big gifts from wealthy donors and foundations are made primarily to a small group of very large charities, with the result that many causes -- and almost all small and regional groups -- are cut off from a substantial source of funds, according to a new study...more

American Jews Stand Up to Be Counted

The Forward
By Dr. Gary A. Tobin
October 4, 2002

Counting Jews, whether for demographic research or for communal policy planning, is a difficult task. Ours is a highly dispersed community. Once you leave the major metropolitan areas of the Northeast, locating Jewish respondents is a needle-in-a-haystack endeavor...more

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