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IJCR ExposÚ Featured on Prime Time TV

From AS/AI director,
Kenneth L. Marcus

Kenneth L. Marcus

Philosopher Bernard-Henri LÚvy argued last year in Left in Dark Times (New York: Random House 2008) that the "new anti-Semitism," if it is to become a resurgent danger, must address the three phenomena which have largely suppressed anti-Semitism since the Second World War: the "cult of victimhood," the "duty for memory," and "triumphant antifascism." In order to be truly dangerous, he argued, contemporary anti-Semitism must effectively reverse these three norms, turning Jewish community strengths into vulnerabilities. Sadly, it takes only a quick perusal of the daily papers over the month of September to see that much of the recent discourse about Jews and Israel follows precisely the patterns that LÚvy described.

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The Trouble with Textbooks - Fox News Documentary

The Trouble with Textbooks co-author Dennis Ybarra is interviewed by Fox News in a one-hour documentary: "Do Your Know What Textbooks Your Children Are Really Reading?" broadcast September 4-6.

Over the past year, IJCR promoted the first ever exposÚ of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism in the K-12 textbooks most widely used in America's classrooms. This shocking study has substantially spurred and influenced the national debate about errors and bias in textbooks, particularly about religion. Recently, Fox News produced a documentary that analyzed all sides of the issue.

According to the program, "Some textbooks are full of outright lies, completely missing basic facts, or push agendas hidden or otherwise." Watch as the Fox producers examine the textbook industry "to find out what experts, teachers, and parents have to say about what's being taught and what's being read."

Two short excerpts from the program that highlight the research of the Institute on the textbook publishing process can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Watch 4 minute excerpt
Watch 17 minute except
Watch the entire documentary (44 minutes)

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