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A Time of Transition

August 2009 Contents

1. The Passing of a Jewish Community Visionary

2. New Director of Anti-Semitism/ Anti-Israelism Initiative

3. The Trouble with Textbooks featured on Fox News

4. University Endowments: Harvard Isn't Poor

5. Article by Initiative Director Kenneth Marcus

Note from
Diane Kaufmann Tobin,

The Institute's research agenda is designed to address the most important issues regarding the safety, health and future of the Jewish people, an agenda that continues Gary Tobin's forward looking and optimistic vision for the future.

We will focus on the three innovative areas of research and action that the IJCR team has identified as most important. These include:

1. Anti-Semitism and anti- Israelism in America's educational systems

2. The study of Jewish philanthropy

3. Jewish identity and of the politics of race.

Through these three areas of research the Institute is able to address lowered norms of tolerance toward Jews, help identify the best uses of Jewish philanthropic dollars, and counter misrepresentations of the identity of the Jewish people.

Thank you for your on-going interest and support for our efforts to provide cutting edge research and an innovative vision for the Jewish people.

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The Passing of a Jewish Community Visionary

Gary Tobin z"l, founder of IJCR, is remembered for
his impact on the Jewish world. Watch the Memorial video here.

New Director of the Anti-Semitism/Anti-Israelism Initiative
Kenneth Marcus In January 2009, Kenneth L. Marcus became the new director of the Initiative to Combat Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism in America's Educational Systems. He is a foremost authority in the field of civil rights and religious freedom. Mr. Marcus will advance efforts to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias in colleges and universities and the misrepresentation of Jews and Israel in K-12 textbooks. See the link to an article by Mr. Marcus below.

The Trouble with Textbooks featured on Fox News
Dennis YbarraTrouble with Textbooks: Distorting History and Religion co-author Dennis R. Ybarra appeared on Fox News segments in February and March 2009. A much lengthier interview will be incorporated into a one-hour documentary on the book to air before Labor Day. To view Mr. Ybarra's February and March interviews click here. Since the release of The Trouble with Textbooks Mr. Ybarra has been interviewed by fourteen radio stations and nine print publications including USA Today.

University Endowments: Harvard Isn't Poor
IJCR's Lynne Munson, author and former deputy chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, researches how colleges and universities do-or do not-spend their endowments. She has testified on the issue before the Finance Committee of the United States Senate and written on it for USA Today and the Boston Globe. Ms. Munson recently co-authored an article for Inside Higher Education arguing that, with $4 million in its endowment per undergraduate, "Harvard Isn't Poor."


It's a dramatic tale: The story of the once-wealthy institution that houses America's smartest -- our leading university, perhaps the world's -- now just scraping by. Searches frozen and secretaries dismissed, hot breakfasts suspended, trash piled high: Harvard is "poor," its endowment "collapsed," according to Vanity Fair magazine.

Harvard isn't taking issue with this impoverished profile.... The university appears to have decided to put financial dominance ahead of the current needs of students, families, and citizens -- even while the institution remains almost unfathomably wealthy. Taxpayers, who help to support this nonprofit, have reason to ask whether this is the best choice.

Link to the full article

Article by Initiative Director Kenneth Marcus

The Second Mutation: Israel and Political Anti-Semitism
inFocus, Spring 2008

In 1948, the creation of the State of Israel appeared a viable solution to the age-old problem of anti-Semitism. After the Holocaust, it was reasoned, the world's Jewry would have a safe haven from hatred.

This was not to be, however. Over the 60 years of Israel's existence, a new strain of anti-Semitism has evolved that targets Israel and Zionism. Virulent attacks on the Jewish state have assumed the trope of a political discourse. This allows such attacks to pass as constitutionally protected and socially-acceptable criticism. In truth, this new form of attack is merely a new adaptation of the age-old virus of anti-Semitism. But, as the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recently declared: "Anti-Semitic bigotry is no less morally deplorable when camouflaged as anti-Israelism or anti-Zionism." The virus has already spread throughout America's institutions of higher learning and is poised to infect the country at large.

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