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The Impact of the New York Population Study

1 in 4 New York Jewish Households Identify as Non-White or Sephardic

Diane Tobin, The Huffington Post, June 20, 2012

Understanding and serving the needs of a diverse Jewish community is essential to securing the long term relevancy of Judaism in America. Moreover, it directly contradicts contemporary forms of anti-Semitism that seek to direct anti-racist sentiment against Israel and Jews, painting them as the epitome of white European colonialist oppression. The 2011 demographic survey of the New York Jewish population revealed an oft-overlooked aspect of the American Jewish community. Nearly 1/4 of New York's Jewish households identify as Sephardic or non-white, calling into question the predominantly euro-centric characterization of American Jewry. The Institute for Jewish & Community Research estimated, as far back as 2004, that 20% of the American Jewish population is Sephardic or non-white and that the future of Jewish life in America hinges upon recognizing and embracing both the historical diversity that characterizes Jewish identity and contemporary forces that are blending races, ethnicities and cultures. The NY survey paints a portrait of what many Jewish communities look like today, and what many more will look like in the future.

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Opinion Makers
DieudonneL’Antisémite, Banned at Cannes
Vladislav Davidzon,Tablet Magazine, June 26, 2012

The Cannes film festival is known, among much else, for its many cavalier offenses against good taste. Yet one abomination was officially averted: French-Cameroonian comedian, actor, and political provocateur Dieudonné M’bala M’bala’s new film L’Antisémite was officially banned by one of the festival’s infamously unbending edicts.

Pink WashingPinkwashing and the Fallacies of Gay Politics
Alon Harel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, May 12, 2012

The term ‘pinkwashing’ has been used by gay and lesbian activists to condemn the use of Israeli liberal policies towards the gay and lesbian community to improve Israel’s public image. In an influential article in the New York Times Sarah Schulman described pinkwashing as a “deliberate strategy to conceal the continuing violation of Palestinians’ human rights behind an image of modernity signified by Israeli gay life.”

Richard MarceauThoughts From a Pro-Palestinian Zionist
Richard Marceau, The Huffington Post, May 6, 2012

Articles and books are written about it, TV shows are dedicated to it -- I'm talking about the Jewish lobby. And usually, when it is mentioned, so too are the pejoratives. Powerful. Secretive. Insidious. In other words, it's the age-old Jewish conspiracy. But what people should really focus on is the so-called pro-Palestinian lobby, a lobby that is, when one looks closely, more anti-Israel than pro-Palestine.

Huffington Post LogoAre All Jews White? The Woody Allen Syndrome
Diane Tobin, The Huffington Post, June 7, 2012

A version of the childhood game telephone recently played out, albeit unintentionally, when reports came out of a new policy instituted by the City University of New York (CUNY) to augment their racial categorization by adding a White/Jewish category for faculty applicants. If the CUNY flap tells us anything, it tells us that it is time we engage in an honest discussion about racial and ethnic diversity in the Jewish community, as well as the broader issue of multi-layered identities among all peoples.

Asaf RomirowskyMoving in the right direction
Asaf Romirowsky, The Washington Jewish Week, June 6, 2012

The "right of return" is, at the core, a rejection of any Jewish rights or sovereignty. But it is fashionable to disguise this reality in more palatable terms, including the improbable suggestion that in fact, Palestinian "return" would not challenge the Jewish demographic majority of the State of Israel.


Genesis Project LogoRussians Join Israel to Start Jewish Prize of $1 Million

David M. Herszenhorn, The New York Times, June 26, 2012

A charity founded by Russian Jewish billionaires is establishing a $1 million annual award for excellence in virtually any field, to honor those people who attribute their success to Jewish values. The prize will be administered in partnership with the Israeli government, highlighting the strong ties between Israel and Russia.

Empty WalletAs parents’ assets flow in, Goldman heirs deciding which Jewish causes to fund

JWeekly, June 28, 2012

When mega-philanthropist Richard Goldman died in November 2010, the big question in the Bay Area Jewish community was what would become of the Jewish causes supported by the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund now that both Richard and his wife, Rhoda, who died in 1996, were gone?


Rabbi Capers FunnyeRabbi Funnye addresses anti-semitism on campus in speech at DePaul University  

Stephanie R. Dykeman, JUF News, June 27, 2012

In May, the DePaul University College of Law Center for Jewish Law & Judaic Studies (JLJS) held its Interactive Law Symposium which culminated with a keynote lecture by Rabbi Capers Funnye, rabbi and spiritual leader of Beth Shalom B'nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation (one of the largest African-American congregations in America), about "Anti-Semitism on the College Campus and Free Speech."

The Color PurpleAlice Walker rejects Israeli request to publish ‘The Color Purple’ in Hebrew

Associated Press, The Washington Post, June 20, 2012  


American writer Alice Walker won’t let an Israeli publisher release a new Hebrew edition of her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, “The Color Purple,” saying she objects to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people.

UT Bell TowerBook flap a real-life lesson for U of Texas

Joe Sterling, CNN, June 18, 2012  


The University of Texas' prestigious Center for Middle Eastern Studies recently got a blunt taste of the turbulent region it studies.

Student Getting a BookTexas Board of Education Brings Pro-Israel Agenda to Public Schools

Emily Manna, Arab American Institute, June 18, 2012  


Boards of education are not typically the scene of heated political races, but this year’s Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) election will be a notable exception.

Palestinian FlagMcCain, Kyl knock ASU student divestment bill

Josh Sayles, Jewish News of Greater Phoenix, June 22, 2012  


Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl wrote a jointly signed letter on June 13 critical of ASU's undergraduate student government for recently passing a bill encouraging the university to divest from companies that conduct business with the Israel Defense Forces.


Map of GermanyGerman court bans circumcision of young boys
Reuters, June 27, 2012  

Jewish and Muslim groups protested on Wednesday after a German court banned the circumcision of young boys for religious reasons in the first ruling of its kind in the country.

Boy CryingNorwegian student in Oslo burns Jewish pupil
Benjamin Weinthal, The Jerusalem Post, June 13, 2012

A schoolboy burned a Jewish student with a red-hot coin at an Oslo secondary school on Monday, triggering the Simon Wiesenthal Center to issue a strongly worded letter to Norwegian Justice and Police Minister Grete Faremo.

Old Man at CemetaryIn Norway, 38% believe Israel treats Palestinians like how Nazis treated Jews, survey shows
JTA, Haaretz, June 14, 2012  


More than a third of Norwegians believe that Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is similar to how Nazis treated Jews, according to a survey of attitudes toward Jews in Norway.

EU LogoInadequate registration harms anti-Semitism assessment, EU report says
JTA, June 19, 2012  

Inadequate registration of anti-Semitic crimes by European Union countries makes it impossible to accurately assess their prevalence, the EU's Agency for Fundamental Rights said.

Anti-Israel SignAnti-Israel Billboard Campaign Removed in Los Angeles
Stand With Us, June 25, 2012  

A coalition of anti-Israel activists that calls for ending U.S. aid to Israel, Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel, has run billboard campaigns in several American cities to spread its message.

Elmo being arrestedBig Apple Beset by Oddball Anti-Semitism
Tony Phillips, The Huffington Post, June 29, 2012  

In a metropolitan area with the world's second largest Jewish population, residents and visitors have endured a spate of recent anti-semitism not seen in a major American city since Mel Gibson went to rehab, a variety of Jew-baiting that's strange by any standard.



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