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The Call for Civil Discourse

January 2011 Contents

The Call for Civil Discourse

Anti-Semitic vandalism on the rise on campus

January Articles of Interest


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The last few months have been busy, productive and enormously successful for the Institute. The Anti-Semitism Initiative has achieved significant progress in its efforts to protect Jewish students from anti-Semitic harassment and discrimination on their campuses.


The Call for Civil Discourses

Kenneth L. MarcusThe Call for Civil Discourse
By Kenneth L. Marcus,
January 25, 2011

"For better or for worse, the tragic Tucson shooting of January 8, 2011, has changed the way Americans think about civil discourse. The intense scrutiny of this event will likely have a significant impact on the way that we think about political communication. For the effort to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism in American education systems, there are three lessons that we may take away from this horrific tragedy."

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Anti-Semitic vandalism on the rise on campus


Anti-Semitism Thrives in Academia
By Alex Katz
The Stanford Review
January 18, 2011

"The situation on campus continues to change for Israel's supporters: abuse is now almost everyplace. There have been important successes...but there have also been notable failures, such as the continuing unwillingness of the administration of the University of California at Irvine to take harassment of Jewish and Israeli students and speakers seriously."

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January Articles of Interest

Higher Education

Anti-Israel prof canned
By Reuven Blau and Tim Perone, New York Post January 27, 2011
"Brooklyn College yesterday fired an adjunct professor teaching a class on Middle East politics just hours after a state assemblyman accused him of supporting Palestinian suicide bombers. "

Op-Ed:The real danger of delegitimizing Israel on campus
By David Bernstein, JTA
January 5, 2011
"The real danger is that the present campus environment in the United States may adversely affect the future of U.S. support for Israel. Americans may never become Israel haters, as we see in parts of Europe but they may cease to be Israel lovers."

165 Academics sign boycott against Ariel University
By Ben Hartman, The Jerusalem Post January 09, 2011
"Over 150 academics refuse participation in academic activities at the West Bank university. The heads of the institution urge faculty to oppose the boycott."


After six decades of giving, Goldman Fund will close in 2012
Dan Pine, j. Weekly, January 20, 2011
"After 60 years of high-impact philanthropy, the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund announced this week it will cease operations at the end of next year. All remaining assets in the fund will be divided among the family foundations of the three Goldman children."


Attacks on synagogues, school, linked, police say
By Katherine Wilton, Montreal Gazette
January 18, 2011
"Jewish community leaders say they are alarmed by six attacks on Jewish institutions over the weekend and said the incidents can't be dismissed as simple acts of vandalism. 'This (is not) vandalism perpetrated by teenagers out on a Saturday night binge,' said Rabbi Reuben Poupko, who serves as chairman of the Jewish Community Security Coordinating Committee."

Dozens of Tunisia Jews consider leaving as violence spreads
By Gili Cohen, Haaretz.com
January 17, 2011
"Some members of Tunisia's Jewish community are thinking about traveling to France, while others are considering immigrating to Israel; 20 Israeli tourists return home safely."